ISO Lead Auditor

ISO Management System LEAD AUDITOR Course


This is a 40 hour course comprised of the 24-hour Auditor Course, plus an additional 16-hour audit team leadership module. This course is based on the latest ISO 19011 principles and includes practical, realistic audit workshops geared towards effectively planning and executing third-party, second party and internal audits. Students can attain a trained LEAD AUDITOR certification based on one or more of the following standards:

- ISO 9001 - Quality Management
- ISO 13485 - Quality Managment (Medical Devices)
- ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
- ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management
- ISO 26000 or SA 8000 - Social Accountability/Responsibility
- ISO 27001 - Information Security Management
- ISO 50001 - Energy Management


Students wishing to attain a trained LEAD AUDITOR certification for more than one standard are required to complete 15 additional hours for each additional standard for which to be certified in. These additional 15 hours of training include participation in the ISO Management System Fundamentals course for the additional standard, plus 7 hours of additional auditing assignments/case studies specific to the additional standard.


Who should attend?

All those responsible for Audit Program Management, Management Representatives, ISO Coordinators, Consultants and anyone interested in learning the ISO 19011 guidelines for managing/leading internal and external audit teams, as well as the techniques for determining if a Management System conforms to the requirements of the specific ISO standard.


Principal Topics

- Fundamentals of Auditing (ISO 19011)
- Auditor Responsibilities
- Audit Planning and Preparation
- Audit Program Administration
- Audit Investigation Techniques
- Real Sceneraio/Case Studies
- Various workshops for detecting opportunities for improvement
- Documentation and Classification of Audit Findings
- Writing the Audit Summary
- Communication Audit Results
- Conducting Effective Audit Opening and Closing Meetings
- Audit Team Management
- The Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Cycle
- Effective Audit Follow-Up


Learning Objectives

- Understand how to plan, prepare, conduct and report the results of an audit
- Learn how to lead teams of internal and external auditors
- Understand the International schemes for certification and accreditation



This course includes supporting materials and interactive workshops that help students achieve the learning objectives.

Students must also complete a pre-course assignment which is to be reviewed during the second day of the course.

Duration This course is 40 hours in duration and is normally delivered in 4.5 business days. Trained LEAD AUDITOR Certification Successful completion requires taking and passing a 120 minute exam. Those who do not pass the exam receive a certificate of attendance. Those who do not passalso have the option of re-taking the exam for a nominal fee of US$150 (plus travel expenses, if applicable) Accreditation / Course Recognition This course was designed based on and meets the requirements of the original IATCA Lead Auditor criteria and is recognized by IAR Accreditation Services.