ISO Fundamentals

ISO Management System FUNDAMENTALS Course


This is a basic 8 hour module which is delivered during the initial phases of the Auditor or Lead Auditor Course for any of the following specifci standards:

- ISO 9001 - Quality Management
- ISO 13485 - Quality Managment (Medical Devices)
- ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
- ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management
- ISO 26000 or SA 8000 - Social Accountability/Responsibility
- ISO 27001 - Information Security Management
- ISO 50001 - Energy Management


Who should attend?

All persons interested in understanding the intent and requirements of a specific ISO management system standard and how to apply its principles to establish a management system in their respective organizations based on that specific standard.


Principal Topics

-An introduction to the specific ISO standard, its purpose, intent and scope of application
-The terms and management principles based on the technical discipline of the standard
-A comprehensive, clause-by-clause analysis and interpretation of the ISO standard requirements
-The certification process for the specific ISO standard
-Workshops for applying the specific ISO standard to your organization


Learning Objectives

-Understand Management Principles associated with the specific ISO standard
-Learn the requirements and intent of the the specific ISO standard
-Know how to apply the requirements of the specific ISO standard



This course includes support materials and interactive workshops that help students achieve the learning objectives.



This course is 8 hours in duration and is normally delivered in one business day.